Another one bites the dust (or, “Please sir, I’d like some more”)

These are all the Ricoh GRDs which I’ve gone through since 2009.

The most recent casualty is the camera in the foreground. My second GRDIII, it met the corner of the metal business card holder I keep in my camera bag at the wrong angle on January 3rd.  It still takes pictures well enough that I can use it for a little while longer.  I didn’t even get a full year out of it. It was a replacement for the camera in the back row with the shattered display took a fall in April of 2013.  The other two cameras, both GRDIIs, simply crapped out after what I thought was normal use.  This is one reason why I’ve never been interested in shooting with the film GR cameras- they break down just as easily from what I hear.

Why keep going back to Ricoh?  I like the simplicity and compactness of the GRD. Even the weird-ass color palate they give.   Plus they are readily available on the used market now- you can pick them up at Map Camera almost any day of the week for about $200.  At that price they’re basically what, less than 2 bucks a day if you get a year out of them?   No big loss. I do like the GRD5 but doubt it would last much longer than the others.  Digitals are the real Disposable Cameras.  Leica won’t even service their M8 bodies anymore, I’m told.

And talk about buying the same things over and over- I was cleaning out my closet yesterday and figured out I’ve been playing the same game with shirts too.  Except they last longer.  Some I’ve had for over a decade.


At Chinese places I only ever order the cabbage & pork set lunch.  I look for the vending machines with Suntory Iemon green tea on station platforms. I don’t know how many pairs of chuck taylors I’ve owned but most have been black.  I might lose my mind if Kodak ever discontinued their HC-110 developer.


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