my film scanner, my film scans

This is one half of my film scanner. The other half is the digital camera used to take this photo. On macro mode and inverted in photoshop, the “scans” are good enough to work as contact sheets when deciding what to print. The images that follow are cropped a bit more than I would have liked to keep the black frames out of the picture.

I can’t wait to get in the darkroom again.

Film from two outings in the past two weeks:

5 thoughts on “my film scanner, my film scans

  1. Really enjoy your pictures. I’m still trying to figure out how you are ‘scanning’ your pictures here. How close are you putting your camera to the negs on that apparatus in the first picture? And is that something homemade? Very curious. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for commenting.

    The negative carrier in the first photo is from my enlarger. I just hold my GRD in two hands and get it as level as possible over the negative. My hands rest on the negative carrier but since the shutter speeds are usually over 1/250 a second there isn’t any blur from movement. I think now there are adapters for DSLRS to copy slides to digital files. That would work better than my current setup, for sure.

  3. Always great to see new photographs from you, especially the black and white work. Any chance of a report
    on Emi Fukuyama’s new show at Totem Pole? I wish I could have timed my trip to see her show (I get into Tokyo
    on May 16th). Keep up the great work, John!

  4. i like this selection … ! wish i could easily get a light table here where i am … they seem tohave gone the way of the dodo !

  5. nice shots!
    hey, i’ve tried this method before, but i can never get it to work.
    with black and white i just get a very weird bluish image when i invert.
    do you known what i might be doing wrong?

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