Last night’s photo walk: Fukagawa Photo Session

The second evening of the Fukagawa Photo session featured a night-walk of the neighborhood led by Onishi Sensei. About 15 people participated in this two hour experience.

There was some talk about Digital Noise at night- and while so many sites and magazines will try to convince you of its innate horror, noise is actually really interesting. I’m digging all those wild dirty dry greens.

Our course took us past the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art and then then around back to where we started. The evening was topped off with cold bottles of Ramune soda and a large plate of yakitori. This is what the 500 yen participant fee went into.

The next scheduled event for the Fukagawa Photo Session will be a panel discussion on July 25th. It most likely will not be as photogenic as the past two nights, but I’ll be there anyway.